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Carson grew up as a tech loving kid from Calgary, and eventually moved to Lethbridge to complete his degree in Neuroscience. He has always been passionate about personal growth and physical and mental health. From completing a triathlon to doing a 10 day silent meditation retreat, Carson loves to experience new things and enjoy all life has to offer.

Best Bright Idea: I believe that we all have tremendous potential, and the pursuit of growth for a better future in all areas of my life is something that I strive for. Never stop learning.
What Excites Me About My Future: In the future, when I am ready, I can't wait to become a father and pass on what I have learned and finally have someone enjoy my dad jokes.
Favourite Superhero: By far it would be Superman. The way he selflessly cares for others and he can fly, which is by far the best super power.
Hidden Talent: My ability to dance like nobody's watching is unmatched, however I have my terrible rhythm and minimal coordination on the dance floor and yet I still love to dance.