Client Service Team



Cheryl grew up in rural Manitoba on a cattle farm at the base of Riding Mountain National Park. After graduating from the University of Manitoba she moved to Saskatchewan where she raised her 3 kids. Her journey brought her and her family to Alberta in 2015 where she began her role as a Licensed Insurance Broker. Cheryl brings over 30 years of service, sales and business training experience to her role as an Insurance Broker. She works with commercial, farm and personal insurance clients to ensure their assets and unique experiences are properly protected.

What excites you most about your future: Setting goals so big that you can't achieve them until you grow into the person that can
Favourite superhero: My  Grandma Kristjanson - Her Grit & Grace inspire me to be resilient, strong, kind and to never give up.
Bravest moment: I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to heights - but I did it!!!!
Hidden talent: That's 1 full Marathon - Right?